MEBO Research International Test Programs:

TMAU Urine Test Program

September 1, 2011: We are happy to announce that the MEBO TMAU Urine testing has begun. CLICK HERE to begin the filling out the form for your test.

In an effort to make trimethylaminuria testing as accessible and low-cost as possible to sufferers around the world, MEBO Research offers a trimethylaminuria (TMAU) urine test to the international public. MEBO has procured very attractive international and domestic shipping rates with two major shipping carriers in order to facilitate the inclusion of as many sufferers testing as possible from around the world.

An online Requisition Form is available in English and Spanish in this website. For questions about the MEBO International Test Program, please send an email to


Raising Social Awareness in the Medical Community through Testing Programs

MEBO continues to look for reputable labs throughout the world that would be interested in testing sufferers from our international community. The more patients take their test results to their medical doctors, the more the medical community will become informed of the various body odor conditions, and the more awareness is raised, the greater the chances of initiating research into effective treatment options and finally a cure. The ultimate goal is for any body odor sufferer to present to their family doctor exclusively with body odor symptoms, and for the physician to know which tests could be performed after the current standard battery of test results are negative. As a result of this effort, MEBO has entered into a partnership with DLE - Medicina Laboratorial in Brazil to launch the first TMAU Urine Test Program in Latin America on January 6, 2014.

Grant-funded Research Projects

As the International Test Programs are being developed, MEBO is also focused on pursuing grants from the private and public sector to initiate grant-funded research studies into all types of body malodor conditions.