MeBO-Biolab gut dysbiosis 'unofficial' study in cases of self-reported suspected systemic body odor/halitosis

begun autumn 2009 


gut fermentation

(ethanol normal <22)


(high ethanol implies yeast small intestine overgrowth)

gut permeability comments indicans d-lactate <100
b2 (normal 1.2 - 1.3) TMAU test
1 alveolar
ethanol not detected normal under-permeability between 266-418 under- permeability indicates malabsorption of PEG at those molecular weights  normal 8 (normal) not done normal
2 systemic
body odor
ethanol 140 (normal <22)

high ethanol (from yeast)

increase 374-506 slight increase between 374-506 normal 156 very high not done normal
3 systemic
body odor
ethanol 66 mild high ethanol raised after 374 slightly raised after 374 onwards positive 2 (normal) not done not tested
4 systemic body odor
ethanol 4 normal high between 330-550 quite a big rise normal 3 (normal) not done not tested
5 alveolar
ethanol 134 high ethanol normal normal but rising at the end normal 2 (normal) 1.81 (deficient) normal
6 systemic body odor
ethanol 22 borderline raised ethanol increased at 242 very strange high peak at 242 normal 8 (normal) not done not tested
7 alveolar
ethanol 69 mild high ethanol normal
positive not done not done not tested
8 systemic
body odor
ethanol 120 (<22) high ethanol no result yet

positive 16 (normal) 1.56 (deficient) not tested
9 systemic body odor
Ethanol not detected.
Short chain Fatty Acids low
Ethanol normal. SCFA's mostly low
increased at 242; 300-506
normal 16 (normal) 1.35 (deficient) not tested


systemic body odor

some alcohols slightly raised (ethanol not detected) by lab test comments as normal result


increased between 330-374

slight raise between these molecule weights



1.09 (normal)

Secondary TMAU


 systemic body odor & halitosis

 2,3 butylene glycol raised 

"probable bacterial dysbiosis"

 increased between 242-550

 quite high increase


 503(very high)




 body odor

 ethanol 134 (normal <22)

 high ethanol (fungal dysbiosis ?) 

 increased after 242

 quite high increase ('leaky gut')


 96 (<60 was previous normal. Now <100)

 1.23 (borderline)



 systemic body odor

 normal profile





 not tested

 not tested

 not tested


 systemic body  odor

 ethanol 140 (normal <22)

 2-methyl-1-propanol 2.4 (normal <0.3)

 high ethanol (made by yeast)




 30 (normal)

 1.58 (deficient)

 not tested