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Our Bloodborne Body Odor and Halitosis blog started on May 26, 2008, is the sister blog to the MEBO Research site. It is intended to be thought-provoking and provide information about systemic body odor and halitosis. The blog is updated regularly with body odor and halitosis news and opinions. There is also an accompanying Spanish blog, 'Olor corporal y halitosis.'

Breath and body odour support forum

body odor forum

breathandbodyodour.proboards.com forum was founded by a sufferer and long-time friend of the community; Mr Arun Nagrath, BSc Pharmacy Hons, MSc, who has done some Postgraduate research in Odour Analysis.  This is the main body odor support forum on the internet. Arun has big future plans for the site including a major database in an effort to compile data for future research.

Yahoo Trimethylaminuria Forum

TMAU forum
The Yahoo Trimethylaminuria Forum is the longest running TMAU forum on the internet. Run by Sharon, it's a natural home for TMAU sufferers. There is an extensive archive of interesting papers found under the files section. The Yahoo forums TMAU Forum

N.O.R.D. TMAU Fund : 

About the N.O.R.D.
(National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc.) is a U.S. national charity that was formed in 1983 by the individuals and organizations who supported the Orphan Drug Act, an important piece of legislation that provides incentives to encourage the development of new treatments for rare disorders. A TMAU sufferer, Cheryl Marshall, set up the NORD TMAU fund. The purpose of the fund is to collect donations that will be used solely towards research into TMAU; When the balance of the fund reaches $35,000 tax deductible contributions, the process of issuing a Request for Research Proposals from research scientists or investigators in the field of TMAU can begin; thus triggering further funding from NIH to set in motion an 'official' research. It is possible to donate online.

NORD provides accurate, reliable information and is a strong voice in advocating for needed research and improved treatments. Every month NORD provides a running list of the funds along with the total amount donated in their UPDATE newsletter.

Cheryl and some other supporters have set up a website to help the NORD TMAU Fund reach it's $35,000 goal : rrr-tmau.org