About testing (the 'self-help' strategy)

A long-term goal of MEBO is to get researchers involved in researching metabolic body odor, particularly fecal body odor since it is the most common form.  But until then an approach MEBO intends to take is to do small informal test studies, in the hope of discovering patterns later used to stimulate professional research. Initially, the expense may be limiting in compiling significant amount of data for this purpose, so therefore success would strongly depend on having the general support from the body odor community.

This form of testing would involve either of the 2 formats :
* 1 volunteer rigorously tested
* 5 or 10 volunteers tested for the same test
Volunteers would be from the online body odor community, and an arrangement would be made so that the results would be sent to MEBO as well. Possibly this may not include private details, but enough to track each volunteer (for instance volunteer A, age 25, female, fecal body odor for 10 years).

MEBO hopes to use tests in these areas on volunteers to see if any pattern develops, especially in fecal body odor, which seems the most common. The areas of suspicion for fecal body odor include :
* FMO3 enzyme
* Other xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes
* To a lesser extent, other metabolizing enzymes
* Gut function and ecology

At the moment, the initial area for testing would be primarily focussed on fecal body odor, and would include the following :
* Metabolic/metabolism
* Gut function and ecology
* Liver function

Examples of tests

The types of tests proposed would be of the sort:

*Volatile Organic Acid urine test
*FMO3 DNA test
*TMAU urine test
*Gut ecology tests (including dysbiosis and parasites)
*Leaky gut test
*Vitamin and mineral status tests
*Liver efficiency tests

Types of test labs that would be contacted

Initially, the types of tests used would likely involve test companies such as those listed below:

*Biolab Medical Unit (UK) a medical referral laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine, is located in the heart of the West End of London.
See our interview with Mark Howard, Manager, Biolab. *Genova Diagnostics is a global leader in functional laboratory testing, pioneering innovative new approaches to personalized medicine.
*Metametrix Clinical Laboratory is well known for following the philosophy of Functional Medicine. See our interview with Cass Nelson-Dooley, M.S., Clinical Consultant at Metametrix , and the video presentation on the Metametrix Methodology by Dr. Richard S. Lord, Ph.D.,, Director of the Department of Science and Education at Metametrix. See Metametrix Institute website.

Research MeBO would like to see done by experts

This box is intended to give experts ideas for research:

*Develop genetically modified probiotic enriched with FMO3,
*To develop helpful ways of coping with the problem, such as portable smell-checkers.
*Are all women with lower functioning FMO3 enzyme prone to Bacterial (Gardnerella) Vaginosis ?


* Develop portable TMA monitoring diagnostic test for home use (e.g. cellphone app, TMA paper strip test etc)