About Donations:

MEBO Research hopes to raise money in various ways. To begin with, the following strategies will be followed, although it is always open to change:

  1. Initial funds are only expected to be received from private donations. Moneys raised from donators will be used initially for informal case studies , such as testing one or more for leaky gut, or gut ecology, etc, in order to attempt to make a breakthrough in profiling fecal body odor.
  2. It will initially focus on Fecal body odor since this is the most common form.
  3. The website will regularly keep people updated on all aspects of the fund, including amount raised and all spending costs. The fund will be transparent aside from donators private information.
  4. MEBO Research Director, Maria de la Torre, has sole access to the money and is the only one capable of making withdrawals.
  5. In the long-term, MEBO hopes to involve private and public funding organizations and professional researchers.
  6. Any major benefactors may contact MEBO Research privately if they wish.