MEBO Research International Test Programs:

Benefits of the MEBO TMAU Urine Test Program


If you subscribe to the blog or have visited the site you understand that systemic body odor is a devastating disease that can strike anyone. As you have come to realize there is little to no research regarding the pathobiology of body odor disorders, effective treatments, or even cures. We are grasping even at a diagnosis so that we can try to understand and treat our specific conditions. So you may be asking yourself why should I spend money to test for TMAU?

We’ll the answer is simple, you have to eliminate possible causes of body odor or halitosis with known testing. Currently, you can screen for TMAU by measuring the ratio of trimethylamine to trimethylamine oxide. This will give you an idea of how well your body breaks down trimethylamine from compounds in food digestion into TMAO, a non-odorous state. A TMAU test will identify the production level of your FM03 and will suggest any deficiencies.  It’s the process of elimination that will increase your chances of answering questions related to your body odor condition. 

Many general practitioners are unaware of TMAU or consider TMAU a very rare disorder. Unfortunately, it unknown how many people truly suffer from TMAU because testing is limited or sufferers are not sure whether to test or not because they do not smell like fish. As noted by MEBO and by Karen James, who spearheaded the raising awareness campaign in the UK, TMAU produces many other odor types.

We encourage everyone that suffers from body odor symptoms including individuals that feel they have a high toxin load to test for TMAU. We are fortunate to have a heavily discounted TMAU testing program available to us. Results will be given for Primary and Secondary TMAU.

To those that have already tested, we strongly encourage you to voluntarily submit your results to the MEBO database online. This can be found in the blog. A compilation of the community’s results, without any personal information, will allow the community and researchers to have insight into other results so that advances can be made. It will also give each person the tools needed to investigate trends, contribute ideas into a collective process that allows progression, and insight into body odor causes.

 With our investigative know-how, we can contribute as a community to find a treatment or a cure.