About MEBO Research


MEBO Research, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in the United States and a Not For Profit Limited by Guarantee Company registered in England and Wales aspiring to become a Charity, was founded by Maria de la Torre, who lives in Miami, Florida, with the help of others from around the globe, to proactively search for research and discovery of diagnosis, treatment, and cure for all possible systemic and metabolic body odor and halitosis conditions. 

In order to achieve this, MEBO's primary strategy is to unite sufferers and experts from around the world to organize through multiple projects, including MEBO's two blogs, MEBO's Forum, and this website, to initiate scientific research and medical treatment. It is hoped that this endeavor will result in significant data compilation of the symptoms manifested in these conditions initially through small self-funded case studies, while pursuing benefaction for large-scale scientific research and clinical trials to discover effective medical treatment.  It is MEBO's intentions to complement similar campaigns initiated by others around the world also aimed at solving the spectrum of metabolic malodors. MEBO's efforts to be transparent will focus on keeping donators and readers updated of its financial activities. The amount of money raised, intentions, and spending of the funds will customarily be transparent. 

A Not For Profit Organization

MEBO Research is a sufferer-founded Public Charity in the United States, and a Not for Profit Limited by Guarantee Company registered in England and Wales aspiring to become a Charity. MEBO Research, Inc., #N10000003979 (Registered in the State of Florida, US, on April 21, 2010) is a patient-advocacy organization of volunteers dedicated to the betterment of the international body odor and halitosis community. As an organization exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and further classified as a Public Charity, MEBO declares,

The Corporation is not organized nor shall it be operated for the primary purpose of generating pecuniary gain or profit. The Corporation shall not distribute any gains, profits or dividends to the Directors, Officers, or Members thereof, or to any individual, except as reasonable compensation for services actually performed in carrying out the Corporation's charitable and educational purposes. The property, assets, profits and net income of the Corporation are irrevocably dedicated to charitable and educational purposes no part of which shall inure to the benefit of any individual.

and as declared in the Memorandum of Association of MEBO Research, Company Number 06810631 (created 12 February 2009) registered in England and Wales,

4(a) The income and property of the company shall be applied solely towards promoting the company's objects (as set out in clause 3).
(b) No part of the income or property of the company shall be paid or transferred (directly or indirectly) to the members of the company, whether by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise.
(c) No director and or trustee of the company shall be appointed as a paid employee of the company; no director and or trustee shall hold any office under the company for which a salary or fee is payable.
(d) No benefit (whether in money or in kind) shall be given by the company to any director and or trustee except (i) repayment of out-of-pocket expenses or (ii) reasonable payment in return for particular services (not being of a management nature) actually rendered to the company.

  • Small, self-funded case studies : To organize testing opportunities for sufferers to fund their respective tests, in order for MEBO Research to gather data and a list of potential human subjects that may be used at a later time for larger research projects. Examples of such self-funded case studies are the following:
  • Informal case study results: is published in a timely manner while upholding the privacy of the individuals tested. 
  • Raise awareness: To promote social awareness of uncontrollable systemic and metabolic body malodorous conditions, as well as the special needs and accommodations as needed to promote a healthy and productive work or school environment for everyone involved. This could be carried out in a number of ways, including promoting political awareness.

Provisional ideas for 'self-help' testing strategies:

MEBO's aims is to develop a rapport with labs to enable informal case studies to be as reasonably priced as possible. The idea is to promote a testing culture, to see if any patterns can readily be identified, and to look for leads that may be helpful in future larger-scale research. Although trimethylaminuria is now accepted by the medical system in medical literature, most doctors may be unaware of it. To make things more confusing, TMAU sufferers often are not confident 'fish odor' is their only issue, if at all.